Sincerae Stemburg
Owner & Lead Instructor for 
Sinceraes Wellness Resources
A little bit about myself...

I have enjoyed working in the medical industry since I was 15 years old.  With more than 20 years of involvement, I have held several positions during my career.  Some of my background includes work as a Certified Nursing Assistant, Masseuse, Chiropractic Assistant, Event Hostess, Dialysis Technician, Clinical Medical Laboratory Technician, Phlebotomist, and Biometric Screener for large corporations.  For the most part, I am still active in several of these roles.

I attended the College of Coastal Georgia in Brunswick, GA and graduated with my Associate Degree in Clinical Medical Laboratory Technology in May of 2015.  I am currently pursing my Bachelor Degree in Preprofessional Medicine.  Upon graduation, I plan to go to Medical School to earn a Docorate in Naturopathic Medicine.  Aside from my passion of becoming a Doctor,  I also have several other points of interest that are under current development at this time.

My mother once told me a long time ago...."It may not be the right may not be the right place... you may not have the right skill yet...  but NEVER stop trying ... and 
NEVER stop learning...     THE  WORLD         

What brought me to become a teacher...

I have had continual training in CPR/AED & First Aid for the last 17 years as a student.  As I recertified for the courses several times, I started to notice some circumstances that frustrated me as a student.  There were many occassions where the instructors would come unprepared or unethusiastic to teach.  They would either run into situations where the video wouldn't play on the tv, thus leaving them with no other way to teach the course or get nervous and forget part of the curriculm or purposely omit majority of the curriculm just to shorten the duration of the class.  Trying to help in moments when I could, I would often offer and assist these instructors in teaching the courses.  After assisting in teaching the CPR/AED & First Aid courses for the last 10 years, it was brought to my attention multiple times to seek an instructor certification myself.  Meanwhile, after going through this experience, I had already developed a passion in teaching these courses. 

So during the summer of 2017, I went through the training at First Coast CPR in Jacksonville, FL to get my instructor certification to teach BLS CPR/ AED, Heartsaver CPR/ AED, and First Aid courses through the American Heart Association. Carlos Chavez-Tafur was my instructor for this and did an amazing job in teaching me.  Now that I have built my own company, Sinceraes Wellness Resources, I am aligned under Allied 100, LLC as my primary Training Center and Coastal Pines Tech as my secondary Training Center.  As an instructor myself, I look forward to teaching these valuable skills and knowledge to my students and helping prepare them as much as possible to save a life in any kind of emergency they may encounter. 

My mission...

Over the last few years, I have developed an intense love and connection in traveling around the world.  Some of the places I have traveled to have been Costa Rica, Canada, France, Netherlands, Kenya, Turkey, and United Arabic Emirates.  My mission has been to learn the culture, language, and natural medicine of other countries.  While abroad, I have been involved in helping with ministry, working to improve poverished conditions within the communities, as well as offering my own medical skills and services for free to those who could not afford to have it done within their own city.  Through this journey of exploration, as well as with additional schooling, I will continue on towards my dream of one day becoming a Naturopathic Physician that specializes in International Natural Medicine.

During my travels and everyday awareness, I have taken notice of the society in which I live, as well as the world around me.  Many events have taken place recently that have really broken my heart.  To name a few....the situation in Libia with the refugees being taken as hostages and sold as slaves, the recent fall hurricanes that hit the Carrabean and the United States, some other natural disasters around the world and within the US, and some really impoverished  communities and situations that I have recognized.  As an advocate to those who are not able to speak out and as a victim of Hurricane Irma myself, I have started various funds to send aid to those in crisis where it is needed the most.  A percentage of the profit and resources I recieve through my businesses, job contracts, partnerships, and projects will be donated to these causes.  I am a strong believer that it is trivial to bless others in need and to work together to bridge the gap in humanity where we often fall short due to hatefullness, violence, predjudice, and selfishness.  As an advocate to these causes, I gladly accept donations of any kind. I also work with, have partnered up with, or donate to other organizations as well, such as Chaplin International Patrol Agency (Dr. William Lattimore's nonprofit organization) and Cherokee of Georgia Tribe (Tribal Grounds located in St George, GA).  So allow me to thank you in advance and please know that many others will be grateful too for your generosity.