Calendar of CPR Classes        for Jacksonville, FL

Due to the growth and expansion of Sinceraes Wellness Resources, we are now serving a majority of Georgia and Florida regions.  This coverage is predominantly pertaining to businesses who need instructors to teach inside their facility.  *Some locations may have a set number of students requirement.  So if you are a company who needs this, please contact us so we can set up a date.  As far as students, if you are within an hour from Brunswick, GA, (either on the GA side or FL side) classes are perodically scheduled throughout the month either in your location or a location close to you. Contact us so we can let you know if there is a date coming up or to see if any further arrangements can be made. 
​There are several classes scheduled in different locations throughout this summer.   Because of this reason and because changes are always being made based on clientel needs, we will not be posting ALL the classes publicly online at this time.  Instead, if you are a business and need an instructor to come teach at your facility or if you are a student and need to register for class, please contact us by phone /email / contact form so we can add you to the schedule per your location. There is still lots of open availabitly and room left for anyone needing this so call to reserve your class today! 

7/5/18: Amy's Little Ones

Jacksonville, FL Location:
Highlands Regional Library​​​​

1826 Dunn Ave
Jacksonville, FL 32218
Conference Room